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Now it’s the second day after my pregnancy and I still don’t believe it. I know that my story is not something extra ordinary and I ‘m sure that my experience can help to many future mothers.
What can be more important to every woman then her baby ? Nothing ! That’s why all of us have many thoughts and afraids during these long and long nine months.
Like many future mothers, I was afraid the only one think: -The end of my pregnancy. Somewhere deeply in my mind I was sure it will be OK, but I didn’t have any idea how can it be. During all pregnant period I didn’t have any problems, any complains. So I was sure that I will make my baby by myself. As I was sure about it, I didn’t pay attention on any information about alternative ways, as can be “cezarian” (C-section) and it was big shock for me when at the last days of 40th week I lost any apportunity to choose. “Cezarian” that was the only one way. I was crying. I was afraid. I didn’t know nothing about,but “pain”; somebody will cut my body; “who will take care of the baby ; ”How I will wake up “and many other things in my mind.
So I decided to make cezarian. In the hospital nurses gave me a special shirt which I had to take on me without nothing under it. They made some injections and put serum into blood. As I have allergy to serum and didn’t know about it before I felt bad and more worse. Doctors gave me some oxygen with mask and push my blood pressure more higher. Later they bring me to operation room, where it was cold.Nurses fixed some contact to my chest to hear my pulse.From time to time nurses were making injections. The most important in “Cezarian” is anestazy (Aneshtesia). Anestazy is some kind of injection to the back side. The doctor bound the point in the middle of my back side and pushed this point as making massage and after that he was make injection; just I felt some heat going , to legs, this heat was coming down and up and I forgot about coldness. After two minutes I lost any feelings of my legs, I was like “DİED” from underbreasts tothe end of my legs. Nurses helped me to lay down on the operation table.They divided my body to 2 parts by special board so Icould not see what’s going on at the down part of my body after 4-5 minutes I heard the doctor’s question:” How you will call him?” And showed me the baby.
It was the most important and happy moment on my life: I saw my baby who was under my heart all these 9 months. Nurses took baby to take care of him. As the same time doctors finished the operation. All the process of the operation, I didn’t feel anything, and after operation. After two-three hours began to feel my toes.After more two-three hours I could feel my all legs. Nurses put something on my operation part. When I began to feel a little bit pain the nurses gave me same pills to cut my pain. The most difficult
moment was to wake up for the first time. But all these pain is nothing near to happiness which I felt being together with my baby
And the biggest pain for every mother is the pain in her heart for the future of her baby.
At the end of the story I would like to say thank you for my doctor and all staff of the hospital and specially to anestazy doctor: NEZİH BERKSOY who gave me big psychological and moral assistance at the all process of “C” operation and whose professionalism helped me to change my opinion about anestazy prodedure and “C” operation.


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